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Trade School Scholarship Program


Funding opportunities for gifted, talented, and ambitious residents

TitanCorp is invested in you, our residents, and we are always looking for ways to improve our residents’ lives. That’s why we created THRIVE — a trade school scholarship program that gives our residents opportunities to complete certifications in the trades of their choice, enriching their lives and helping them achieve new goals and success.

Do you live at a TitanCorp community? Are you listed as an occupant on a lease? Even if you are living with your parents, you can still be listed on the lease. Are your rent payments in good standing? Is there a trade school program that would help you achieve your goals? Maybe you are already enrolled in trade school but could use help with your bill, or maybe you haven’t thought about trade school before, but — after seeing this — you started thinking about the potential opportunities.

If you’re interested in Thrive, the application process is simple: Fill out a brief application, sign a pledge about our philosophies and bring the application and pledge to the leasing office in your community. If you don’t have a printer, we will print everything out for you.

Individual leasing offices make sure each applicant is listed on a lease and that rent payments are in good standing before forwarding applications on for review. Our goal is to fund as many eligible applicants as possible. TitanCorp has a set amount per community that will be awarded each year. Once this amount has been allocated, awards for that year will be closed. Applicants may reapply but will have to wait until the following year.

If you are looking for an opportunity to get a trade school certification, apply today! This is your chance to get funding — and we are very excited to offer this opportunity to our residents.

Eligibility Requirements:

Application Process:

Once the required documents have been delivered to the leasing office, the team will review your application and verify residency. If you meet all requirements, your application will be sent to TitanCorp for final review. Good luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to email the leasing office.

How do we describe work ethic?

The Titan Pledge.

We wanted to find a way to articulate the qualities we value most. That’s why we created The Titan Pledge. Fair warning: The Titan Pledge isn’t for everyone. But the pledge is your first step to entering the THRIVE Trade School Scholarship Program. If you want to commit to a life of self-reliance and success built with your own hands, and if you’re not afraid of the honest, hard work required to succeed, read our pledge. Then take the next steps to connect to a secure future, one built with your own skills and abilities.